Street Art in London, Street Art in New Orleans

Spring has now properly arrived in London. And when the sun is out, I like to walk. And when I walk, I like to look out for street art, whether I’m in London or in New Orleans. And in both cities, there’s plenty to look at.

To cite just two aspects of street art in the two cities: London, thanks in part to its longstanding incredibly wide – and widening – social divisions, has a rich tradition of making political statements through street art, while it seems to me than in New Orleans street art is just one part of a wider desire to beautify life as part of a consciousness of its brevity.

Here are some of my favourite examples of street art in the two cities that I’ve photographed over the years:

Swimming on a French Quarter pavement, and just about to hop off in Hackney:

2014-02-24 08.26.04

2013-06-09 09.47.08

Dust woman in an empty CBD building, and a water woman on my running route (by Spanish artist El Chico Iwana):

2014-02-25 16.59.28

2013-05-06 18.09.07

The Code of Life revealed in London, or maybe we’re all wrong in New Orleans:

2013-06-09 19.10.01

Dog’s dinner in the Wick, and finally, my very favourite, getting fresh in the Bywater:

2014-04-13 16.03.44



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