About this blog


I live in London, but I love New Orleans. I think of both cities as important parts of my identity. They’re very different, but have more in common than you might think – from their ethnic diversity to their histories, from their commercial drivers to their cultural traditions.

In this blog I write about the two cities. I update the blog every week (usually).

And why this image, a piece of street art by Madrid’s El Chico Iwana? Well, she’s from London, from a building in my neighbourhood, but reminds me of street art I’ve seen all over New Orleans.

The waves of her hair make me think of the water that has shaped and still shapes both London and New Orleans in such a significant way, and also of how ideas can flow between cities.

Finally, she’s actually gone now, painted over by whoever did up the house where she used to live, and this reminds me how much things change all the time, for the worse and the better, in both London and New Orleans, and how important it is to record the things you see and your thoughts about them.


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